Joao F. Santos

Software-defined Wireless Communications


I am a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI), headquartered at Virginia Tech, USA. My main research interests include radio resource management, radio virtualization, network slicing, network security, and end-to-end network orchestration. I have been researching these fields since 2017, when I started my Ph.D. in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. My research experience includes developing software-defined radio systems, implementing radio virtualization mechanisms, and bridging SDR with SDN in support of programmable end-to-end communication networks.


Network Slicing

Slicing and combining multiple network segments to build fully-customizable, end-to-end network slices

Radio Virtualization

Virtualizing radios to deploy heterogenous wireless networks on a shared physical network infrastructure

O-RAN xApp Development

Creating a xApp development course, heavily focused on hands-on experience and implementation

mmWave Initial Access

Developing a programmable mmWave platform to enable experimentation on the initial access procedure

Assembling a massive scale SDR testbed for experimentation on future wireless networks... one radio at a time.